About Us

Evo Business Solutions Ltd is a Kenyan company that was incorporated in 2004 and is dedicated to the provision of complete ICT solutions. Evo Business Solutions Ltd (EBS LTD) is one of the leading system integrators and we provide customized solutions for information technology projects.

In the past years EBS ltd has been involved in various ICT projects with the intention of giving the customer, a complete and solid solution to its ICT infrastructure. EBS ltd has experienced staff that builds a support network of professionals and incorporates the latest information technology systems which are critical to the success of projects we undertake.

The company was created with a customer service oriented mindset. With some of the best consultants in the industry today, the goal is to provide rapid and highly effective ICT solutions, services and products. EBS ltd applies its advanced technology and management expertise to assist companies improve infrastructure and Make cost effective and high impact technology purchase